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Metrona Technologies was formed by Martin Holdsworth, the founder of IDR Law – a highly successful boutique law firm that only deals with disputes that arise in connection with wills, trusts and probate (see

With 25 years of experience in disputes within families both in life and death, Martin was keen to explore how new advances in IT could be used to provide solutions to common problems he encountered in his legal practice, but in a way that reduced acrimony AND avoided comparatively expensive legal costs being incurred.


Metrona Tech is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice – the solutions draw on collaborations with similarly minded and successful leaders in the probate and family sector and are delivered at scale and at low cost. Each solution is designed to be simple to use, provide a real benefit to those using it, are scaleable and priced so as to make using them a “no brainer” for both those offering the service and those using it. Every product is designed to provide that “win:win” result.

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