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Will Clarity Statement

A joint venture with Countrywide Tax and Trusts Corporation to extend their existing Legacy will writing software to provide a “bolt on” service that produces a Larke -v- Nugus type statement contemporaneously with a will. An innovative development designed to reduce the number of successful will challenges and provide practitioners with an affordable and simple way of reducing their professional risk of claims being made.

The Will Clarity Statement is fully operational and can be found here


A “perceived fairness algorithm” is at the heart of this clever software program aimed at reducing the acrimony and cost incurred by beneficiaries of estates or separating couples over the chattels they need to share between them. The program takes the parties with competing interests through a simple step by step process from listing the chattels, bidding and then determining how those chattels should be divided. The algorithm has shown on testing that the division process results in a perceived fair result every time. All completed online at a very low cost.

Beta versions of both the probate and separation services are built and currently in testing phase and launch is expected to take place in 2020. To register your interest in finding out more, please register here for further news.

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A  standalone online App that enables will writers to assess and then record information when taking instructions and arranging for execution of wills in a way that ensures they can satisfy any Larke -v- Nugus request and ensure that both they and their clients are in the best position to avoid any later claims.


Larke officially launched in January 2020 and is available to use now.
If you are interested in finding out more, please visit our website
Be sure to check out our explainer video!

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